Bathroom Project Costs in 2023

Bathroom remodels in 2023 is a unique home project undertaking. Anything from a one-off shower renovation or countertop replacement, to a replacement of many fixtures, qualifies as a bathroom remodel. For that reason, the cost range for a bathroom remodel can be quite large.  

Average costs of bathroom remodels can range from $3,000 to $30,000 or more.  In the United States, the average bathroom remodel project is around $11,000 as of 2023.  The average bathroom remodeling project cost covers a renovation that would have a new shower remodel, adding new a new vanity or sink, updating countertops, and possibly doing flooring and lighting.  The average size can cover anywhere between 40 square feet in a half bathroom, or 100 square feet in a full bathroom.

Homeowners have a great deal of control with the total cost of a bathroom remodeling project.  Homeowners have a wide option of choices for their bathroom remodeling project, which helps determine pricing. Another thing that determines a cost is the size of the bathroom itself.  All bathroom remodels are unique to the homeowner and their needs.

For example, the average price range for a new shower is between $500-$3,000.  Installing a standard bathtub can cost between $600-$1,100; however, there is a wide range of variety in size and style of bathtubs.  A standard six foot porcelain steel bathtub can cost around $870.  Freestanding tubs or ones with massaging jets are more expensive and can cost upwards of $3,000 to install.  As a homeowner thinking of bathroom remodels, weigh the pros and cons of having these types of bathtubs installed, and think about what they can add of value to your home in the long term.

Countertops are another important factor in determining the price of a bathroom remodel project.  The cost to install a countertop can be between $65 to $260 per linear foot, and varies due to the material of the countertop.  From high-end natural stone countertops, such as marble or granite, or the budget-friendly options of going with a laminate, ceramic tile, or solid surface countertop, the cost largely depends on the materials the homeowner chooses.

Installing a bathroom sink can cost between $460 to $1,500.  Sinks as an under mount or drop-in are most common choices in homes.  Wall-mounted or pedestal sinks are another option.  These are great choices for smaller spaces.  If you’re renovating a master bathroom a dual sink is always a great option.  Keep in mind, much like countertops, the choice of material affects the price.

Bathroom cabinets and vanity installations can cost a national average of $450 to $1,600 in 2023.  But not every bathroom remodel will require cabinet installations or vanities.  It’s possible to install built-in storage units using a pedestal sink to efficiently use the space in a small bathroom. However, a large majority of bathroom remodels include cabinet installations.  

A new toilet installation for bathroom remodels can cost between $480 and $1,000 on average.  Wall mounted and floor mounted are two options for toilets, with both being great space saving options.  Wall mounted toilets cost a little bit more than floor mounted.  The great thing about toilets is that they are generally inexpensive additions, and may be something a customer would want to add to a bathroom remodel to spruce up the room.

Flooring is another aspect of a bathroom remodeling project that can be tackled.  Typically, it costs between $6 to $11 per square foot to install new flooring, with additional costs to be added for tile.  Sub-flooring installation may be needed, and that could add an additional $2 to $4 per square foot.  Material costs play a vital role in the cost per square foot, and installing tile takes a longer amount of time than some other vinyl, waterproof options.

A bathroom remodel project is a great way to enhance a home.  It’s always best to know the costs of labor and material in the ever changing landscape of construction in 2023.  When you are ready to update your bathroom feel free to give us a call to receive a free quote!

Five Surprising Home Improvement Stats in 2021

The past almost year and a half have changed a ton about the world in which we live. The housing market simultaneously increased as lending rates were driving down by stimulus payments.  This, coupled by homeowners staying inside their home more than they did in the past, have helped drive a massive home improvement change.  We decided to take the time to list five of the surprising home improvement stats for 2021. 

  1. Kitchens Remain King  – Let’s face it, the kitchen has always been a top selling point of a home, and with so many more people spending time in their houses this past year plus it makes sense that kitchen remodel trends continue to thrive.  In fact, kitchen remodeling has not only thrived but continued to grow!  According to Google search trends, kitchen remodeling project searches have increased by 23%!  And not only do kitchen remodels appeal to the homeowners, but it helps sell houses at a higher rate.  So, consider updating the appliances, adding some backsplash, painting the cabinets, whatever you may want because it’s always a great time to improve your kitchen!
  2. Around Half of the Homes in the US Were Built Before 1980 – This may seem crazy, but around half of the homes in the US were built before 1980, and some of them desperately need some form of renovation project.  Even more of note, a report from National Association of Home Buyers states that around 12% of homes in the US were built between 1970 and 1980, also known as the height of disco!  Styles and trends from those decades and prior were good for their time, and retro-modern is a great feel, but consider increasing the value of your home in some way if yours falls in this category.
  3. Homeowners Can Lower Their Home Insurance – By doing five simple home improvement projects, you could potentially save a bundle on home insurance!  Consider renovating (or adding) an alarm system, updating or installing a HVAC system, update the plumbing and electrical work, have your roof re-worked, and add some smoke and gas sensors in the home.  Cut back on your insurance, and increase your home equity at the same time!
  4. 55% of Homeowners Plan to Begin a Project in Winter 2021 – Winter is an excellent time to have home improvement projects done, and it appears that over half of the home owners in the United States agree.  Whether you want to do a project that adds to your home for the winter, or you want to prepare for the upcoming spring/summer, the winter months are always a good time to plan and implement a home renovation project.
  5. The Rise of Smart Homes – It is estimated that smart homes will be predicted to be worth $53.5 billion in 2022.  This is something to keep tabs on, especially if you plan to see within the next year.  If you can get some home renovation projects in that makes your home more eco-friendly with built in technology you’ll have a much better time getting value out of your home.  Consider adding smart lighting, efficient air conditioning and heating systems, and other features that give your home the edge it needs to sell in the market!

If one thing has been proven from the pandemic, it’s that home improvement projects have only increased in need.  With people spending more and more time in the home, and the needs of the market changing, it’s time to consider updating and renovating some aspects of your home.  Inch By Inch Construction is more than capable of handling and helping you with any of your home improvement projects, and we’d love the opportunity to partner with you to help you increase the value of your home!  Let us know how we can help you with your home improvement projects and we know you’ll be glad you did!