Andy Inch, Founder:

"My story starts in Kindergarten when I was asked in a survey what I wanted to do when I got older. My response? Be a carpenter! Some 20 years later I found this survey in my parents’ attic after having already started my own business framing houses in May 2001. It was a moment of confirmation for me. ~Psalm 8:1-9

I have always loved to build things while growing up. I helped my Pappy build a work bench in our basement at the age of 5. Well, as much as a 5-year-old can help. I remember coming home from school and building a tree house. I only got the joist and plywood finished,but we could at least go up the tree and sit. My Pap on the other side of the family helped me build a clubhouse on the back of a small Toyota pickup truck at about the age of 10. Both grandfathers have passed, but the memories live fresh in my mind.

My father was a self-employed mason contractor. I give the credit to my father for teaching me two things:

  1. A good work ethic.
  2. I knew I did not want to be a block mason.

From ages 8 – 15, I worked with my brother, Chris, and father, Randy, every summer striking joints, mixing mud, and carrying brick and block as we built foundations, walls, sidewalks, etc. In high school, I worked at Kinney Shoes for about 3 years. We know Jesus washed people’s feet, and at times it felt the same putting shoes on some strange person’s feet. As the company was scheduled to close its doors, I end up managing a store for a few months. That was my first encounter of managing people. At the age of 19, I built my dad a shed (picture) and kicked him out of his 2- car garage to build myself a wood shop in his garage. My desire for a woodworking shop came from taking 3 years of wood shop in high school. ~Proverbs 3:5-6

It was at this time that I went to work for a local contractor framing houses. I was on a framing crew from ages 19-21 and during that time we framed approximately 100 houses for that contractor. At age 21, I left the company and became self-employed with the other framers on my crew. I worked with them for another 1 year and we then went our separate ways. At about age 23 I hired my first employee. We framed houses for the next 5 years and I had up to 5 employees at once until the market plunged in 2008. This was the time I laid some people off and started remodeling projects. I also got married that year. I discovered I really enjoyed the challenge of remodeling. In my opinion, it takes more thought and skill; for example, matching floor heights and roof lines. Framing was a great base for my new focus of the building and remodeling industry.

I have always enjoyed helping others. Having a building and remodeling business gives me a platform to perform two of my favorite hobbies: helping others and building something out of nothing. I often tell people I love what I do and it is true! We all know problems and challenges can come up with anything in life. If they do, it makes it easier to handle when you enjoy what you are doing! Part of my interview process is to hire people who enjoy the building trade and
not just people looking for a paycheck. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and be a blessing to your family in the building and remodeling industry. Please contact us today for a free estimate!




Andy Inch

Owner/Operations Manager


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Lead Carpenter



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